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Inspecting each part of the building allows you to identify deterioration or damage caused by time or bad weather.

Periodically monitoring means being able to predict,
and predict means:

Avoid accidents;

Protect the monitored building or infrastructure, as well as those who administer it and its owners;

Save on maintenance costs;

✅ Limit inconvenience.

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Monitoring with a Drone means:

✅ Drastically lower costs compared to traditional solutions;

✅ Increase Security by not having to send a person where a small drone can reach;

✅ See better being able to photograph a few meters away, from different angles and at very high resolution;

✅ Document the damages with digitally signed images.

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Our pilots organize themselves independently, without disturbing.

They come, they fly, they leave.


DasùMobile, Ispezione delle Coperture di un Deposito tramite Drone
Ufficio Dasù (Milano)
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All shots are checked and selected in our office, depending on the customer’s needs:

for example dividing them by condominium or by competence,
obscuring faces,
digitally signing all images to give a certain date.

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All the material is sent with a dedicated link, valid for 3 months, which the customer can share with whomever he wishes.

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Is it necessary to ask permission to fly?
Sometimes yes (always in Milan); but in case it is necessary our office takes care of everything.

What timelines do you have?
From the moment we fly, we send the material within approximately 24/48 hours.

What guarantees do you give?
Our pilots are professionals and in compliance with the certificates,
our drones are registered with ENAC and insured for third party liability. (up to 2,600,000 euros),
we only fly where possible or authorized by the relevant authorities.

I have more questions…
We are available:
by clicking on the symbol on the right you can write to us with WhatsApp, or on the CONTACTS page you will find all the ways to communicate with us.

Ispezione Aerea con Drone delle coperture della Fiera Milano


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