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Dasù, Icona, Riprese Aeree

More and more contexts require Aerial Shooting (with Drone) to make a Corporate Video, a Social Communication, up to the Real Estate Promotion, professional and captivating.

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Having images or videos taken from the sky by our drones allows you to have:

✅ Quality through spectacular shots, overviews and context from the sky;

✅ Protection through documents in order, authorizations from the competent bodies and insurance coverage;

✅ Safety because each flight is evaluated, planned and performed by expert and professional pilots;

Dasù, Icona, Drone

Our pilots choose the take-off and landing area,
plan the flight,
they inspect obstacles
and choose the most suitable Drone according to the customer’s needs and compatibly with the applicable regulations in the context.

Riprese Aeree con Drone per Video Social (Consonno)
Uffici Dasù (Milano, via Savona 123)
Dasù, Icona, Computer

All shots are checked and selected in our office, depending on the customer’s needs.

If required, we also take care of Video and Audio Editing.

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All the material is sent with a dedicated link, valid for 3 months, which the customer can share with whomever he wishes.

Dasù, Icona, FAQ

Is it necessary to ask permission to fly?
Sometimes yes (always in Milan); but in case it is necessary our office takes care of everything.

What timelines do you have?
From the moment we fly, we send the shots within about 24/48 hours, or the edited video in about a week.

What guarantees do you give?
Our pilots are professionals and in compliance with the certificates,
our drones are registered with ENAC and insured for third party liability (up to 2,600,000 euros),
we only fly where possible or authorized by the relevant authorities.

I have more questions…
We are available:
by clicking on the symbol on the right you can write to us with WhatsApp, or on the CONTACTS page you will find all the ways to communicate with us.

Riprese Aeree con Drone per Contenuti Social (Promozione Immobiliare)
Riprese Aeree con Drone (Torre UniCredit, Milano)
(Torre UniCredit, Milano)
Riprese Aeree con Drone (Torre UniCredit, Milano)
(Torre UniCredit, Milano)


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