Detachment of Facade Cladding, Photovoltaic Panel Failures, District Heating Leaks

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Thermography is a very widespread “non-destructive” method capable of identifying deterioration or failure.

We are able to bring a Professional, Radiometric and high-definition Thermal Imaging Camera with a Drone at high altitude and, if necessary, integrate with shooting from the ground with another Thermal Imaging Camera equipped with a 7° optical zoom.

Our top specializations are:

✅ Identification of Cladding Detachments on the Facades of Condominiums, Properties and Buildings;

✅ Search for leaks in the district heating system;

✅ Photovoltaic Panel Failures;

✅ Analysis of thermal dispersions.

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Performing a Thermographic Analysis with Drone with us means:

✅ Professional reports of an ISO 9712 Certified Thermographic Operator (RINA);

✅ Better Quality being able to detect a few meters and with the ideal angle;

✅ Lower costs compared to traditional solutions;

✅ Increase Security by not having to send a person where a small drone can reach.

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The drone “sees” everything that we can’t see from the ground
(roofs, coverings, portions of facades not visible from the ground, for example due to balconies or vegetation)
and take infrared images with optimal distance and angle.

Analisi Termografiche con Drone
Termografia Edile con Termocamera e Zoom Ottico (Lente da 7°)
Analisi Termografica per Ricerca Distacchi Rivestimento della Facciata Condominiale
Dasù, Icona, Analisi Termografiche

If necessary, our work system provides for the integration of another professional thermal imaging camera on the ground, equipped with a 7° optical zoom.

For example, when distances from other buildings make it difficult or unsafe to fly the drone to detect a facade,
or when obstacles or low vegetation cover (from a bird’s eye view) important details.

Dasù, Icona, Elaborazione Structure from Motion

All these data are processed by the Thermographic Operator in our office, drawing up a Report, complete with:

Infrared images;
Signed appraisal.

Termografia per ricerca Distacchi su Facciata
Ufficio Dasù (Milano)
Dasù, Icona, Cloud

All the material is sent with a dedicated link, valid for 3 months, which the customer can share with whomever he wishes.

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Is it necessary to ask permission to fly?
Sometimes yes (always in Milan); but in case it is necessary our office takes care of everything.

What timelines do you have?
From the moment we fly, we process the Report within approximately 7 days.

What guarantees do you give?
The Thermographic Operator is certified according to ISO 9712;
our pilots are professionals and in compliance with the certificates,
our drones are registered with ENAC and insured for third party liability. (up to 2,600,000 euros),
we only fly where possible or authorized by the competent authorities;
our company has insurance coverage for the exercise of the activity (up to 1,000,000 euros).

I have more questions…
We are available:
by clicking on the symbol on the right you can write to us with WhatsApp, or on the CONTACTS page you will find all the ways to communicate with us.

Ricerca di Distacchi della Facciata condominiale tramite Drone e Termocamera (Milano)
Termografia con Drone per la Ricerca Distacchi sulla Facciata (Peschiera Borromeo - MI)
Thermography with Drone for Detachment Research on the Facade (Peschiera Borromeo - MI)


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