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Dasù, Icona, Rilevamento Topografico

Topographic Surveys are done for a number of reasons or purposes:

a new building, a presentation of common deeds, a cadastral discrepancy, a due diligence

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Carrying out a Topographic Survey with a Drone means:

✅ Reduce time compared to traditional solutions;

✅ Increase Security by not having to send a person where a drone can arrive;

✅ Detect each part being able to resume everything from the sky;

✅ Improving Precision and Accuracy thanks to new technologies and our integrated work systems.

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The Drone “sees” everything,
take thousands of very high resolution and georeferenced photographs,
inspect the context.

Rilievo Topografico di una Cava con Drone
Rilievi Catastali con Drone
Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Biella)
Dasù, Icona, GNSS

Numerous reference points are “beaten” with a GNSS station, in this way the satellite system provides the precise and accurate positions necessary for correct processing.

Dasù, Icona, Laser Scanner

Sometimes even in Topographic Surveys the Laser Scanner is useful, if not essential:
for example the relief of position, dimensions and height of a pylon and its cables.

Rilievo Topografico Fotogrammetrico, con Drone e Laser Scanner
Rilievo di una porzione di Bosco con Laser Scanner (Trisobbio - AL)
Rilievo Topografico di Terreno e Terrazzamenti tramite Drone (Laglio)
Dasù, Icona, Elaborazione Structure from Motion

All these data are processed in our office,
creating a 3D Terrain Model (Point Cloud).

Dasù, Icona, AutoCAD dwg

We usually export the relief for CAD
combining a detailed orthophoto.

Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Oggebbio, Lago Maggiore)
Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Oggebbio, Lago Maggiore)
Uffici Dasù (Milano, via Savona 123)
Dasù, Icona, Cloud

All the material is sent with a dedicated link, valid for 3 months, which the customer can share with whomever he wishes.

Dasù, Icona, FAQ

Is it necessary to ask permission to fly?
Sometimes yes; but in case it is necessary our office takes care of everything.

What timelines do you have?
From the moment we fly, we process the relief in approximately 7/14 days, depending on the type of return requested.

What guarantees do you give?
Our pilots are professionals and in compliance with the certificates,
our drones are registered with ENAC and insured for third party liability. (up to 2,600,000 euros),
we only fly where possible or authorized by the competent authorities;
our company has insurance coverage for the exercise of the activity (up to 1,000,000 euros).

I have more questions…
We are available:
by clicking on the symbol on the right you can write to us with WhatsApp, or on the CONTACTS page you will find all the ways to communicate with us.

Servizi con Droni nei Cantieri Edili
Rilievo di una villa storica, Château Rambaud
Survey of a Historic Villa and its Park (Château Rambaud - France)
Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Bubbio, AT)
Topographic Survey with Drone (Bubbio - AT)
Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Oggebbio - Lago Maggiore)
Topographic survey with drone (Oggebbio - Lake Maggiore)
Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Val Brembana)
Topographic Survey with Drone (Val Brembana)
Rilievo Topografico con Drone (Lasnigo - CO)
DasùMobile, Topographic Survey with Drone (Lasnigo - CO)
DasùMobile su un Cantiere per un Rilievo (Milano)
DasùMobile, construction site survey with drone (Milan)
Rilievo Topografico Fotogrammetrico con Drone
Photogrammetric Topographic Survey with Drone (Torviscosa - UD)
Rilievo Topografico su un Cantiere Edile (Milano)
Topographic survey on a construction site (Milan)
Rilievo Topografico Fotogrammetrico con Drone (Tavullia - PU)
Photogrammetric Topographic Survey with Drone (Tavullia - PU)


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